Fridge #3

‘Fridge of Champions’

Source: Summer Latham

Meet Richie Barnett. Richie’s fridge reveals that of a typical family man.

Here’s what I found in his refridgerator.

– Chocolate yoghurts (for the kids)

– Lamb, Richie’s go to meat of choice

– Curry pastes and sauces

– Draws filled to the brim with fruit and vegetables.

This typical healthy family fridge belongs to a man who is anything but typical.

Having played league for the Crunella Sharks, Sydney Roosters and captaining the New Zealand Kiwi team, some might say this man is a rugby league legend.

Richie tells me how his daily diet consists of eggs on toast, fruit, sandwiches and home cooked dinners of fresh veges and lean meats cooked by his wife Carrie (who’s cooking skills might I add are in a ‘league’ of their own – please forgive me, I can’t resist a good pun!)


His diet wasn’t always quite so admirable. He boasts about the calories he used to consume in a day, Let me give you a little taster.

– Eight Weetbix

– Six pieces of toast

– Four litres of milk

– Four pies

Oh and it’s not even 10am. As the day goes on the eating does not steady, actually quite the opposite ending on a mountainous plate of dinner stacked higher than a masterchef croquembouche. While he may have been consuming the same amount of kilojoules of that of an Asian sumo wrestler at a christmas lunch, he still maintained the body and build of a Greek adonis.

Now before my lovely ‘cuddly’ readers out their scream obscenities
at the screen proclaiming ones outrage of how unfair this is, let me remind you
that our man Richie was a top athlete.

Eathropology explains the simple math of ‘calories in and calories out’ where to maintains ones weight your energy input matches your energy output. You lose weight when you consume less or burn more and vice versa when you put on weight.

So with Richie training six days a week and playing a league match most weekends this energy exertion allows a visit to big ben for a flaky pastry (or several).

While his diet has been revised to suit his current lifestyle he still relishes in the occasional pie, because lets face it, it’s hardwork being a family man too.

Next week I’ll be taking a peek into the refrigerator of a New Zealand model to whom the word ‘pie’ is a profanity. With NZ fashion week fast approaching is it all carrots and broccoli? or will she surprise us?


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